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Fun Friday Book Review

I had the pleasure of purchasing and reading a simply amazing book this week and I just had to share it with all of you!

At a Bodyshop party a couple of months ago, I was talking with my son’s godmother about how well her children had behaved and asked her what she was doing and how she did it. My 10-year-old has been diagnosed with ADHD so as you can imagine I have researched everything I can on the internet regarding behavior and hints for having a more harmonious family life. I had racked my mother’s brains for ideas on how to get him to behave, go to bed on time AND get ready for school without my screaming, nagging, bribing him to do as he was told! My friend suggested I try this book:

I thought to myself, how can a book claim to change a child’s behaviour in only 5 days? The other books I had read claimed other things worked, such as spanking (not happy with the one), time out (tried that numerous times-made no difference to his behaviour, nor his 4-year-old sister’s), grounding etc.

Finally on Tuesday I took the plunge and headed to my local Christian bookshop. The book was on special for $15.95 (AUD) and happily I headed home with my purchase, looking forward to reading it. I’m glad I did.

For those of you who see the word “Christian Bookshop” and imagine that this book is full of religious suggestions-think again! This book is not only directed to the married couple with 2 children, but also single parents (like myself), parents of babies, pre teens and teens. The methods in the book are tried and true and written so simply that you cannot fail.

I cannot recommend this book enough! I am looking forward to putting the suggestions in place (and have already started with my 4-year-old with astounding results) but the way the book is written inspired me and gave me the confidence I felt I needed.

Dr Kevin Leman, the author of ” Have A New Kid By Friday”, has written several books regarding child rearing, relationships and has featured in 6 video series on marriage, parenting, blended families and single parenting. His book defines three key points to changing your child’s behavior and addresses it in a way where you feel you can’t fail.

Each section of this book is informative without making you feel like you are in a 12th grade history class and he fills the pages with personal stories and letters from those who have listened to him speak. An added bonus is the “Ask Dr Leman” section at the end of the book which focuses on certain behaviors and how you can work towards improving these behaviors.

I definitely give this book a 10 out of 10. It was informative, interesting and well written. Now I can’t wait for “Fun Day” to put his words of advice into practice!

You can find the book here at Amazon in book form, audio, multimedia cd and audible e-book style http://www.amazon.com/Have-New-Kid-Friday-Character/dp/0800719026.

I am going to try to do a book review each Friday, or every second Friday. It won’t always be a self-help or non fiction book, but I can’t work out how to make a bookshelf widget for my blog (any help would be greatly appreciated) so it will have to take the form of a weekly/fortnightly blog post instead.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Kate xo