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Inspection day….how I hate the words. To me it means spending the week before totally cleaning my house, 2 hours of back breaking carpet cleaning (who invented carpeting anyway?), ensuring that everything is in tip top condition, before the real estate comes in for a quick 15 minute walk through, picking up the little details that I missed. Our general inspection was today, so yesterday was the 2 hours of back breaking carpet cleaning (unfortunately a must with my 2), that followed the earlier part of the day thoroughly cleaning the kids rooms, my room and the lounge, before finishing off with mowing the back lawn. The outcome- I PASSED 🙂 Can’t you tell I am happy? Now I have another 6 months before the next one….I do have some photos of the finished rooms, I didn’t take an before ones…too embarrassed lol….


After our inspection, Annalise and I took advantage of the gorgeous late winter sunshine (well sort of late winter…felt more like Spring weather to me) and went for a walk down to Spotlight. It was a wonderful day, but very tiring. Now I am looking forward to watching some YouTube and working on a new order. have a great night all


Kate xo


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  1. good work babe inspections suck but speaking as a lazy morgage holder … real estate inspections are an awesome motivator fora six monthly cleanup!!! 🙂

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