Jump on board as I learn to FLY and become a Fascinating Woman


Good morning readers! I am sorry I haven’t been back on here since we went to Melbourne.  I could rattle off a long list of excuses like I’ve been busy, we got attacked by a herd of rampaging kangaroos, the dog ate my blog, but in reality (and I cut to the chase), I have been too lazy!

So now it is update time….. I’ll start with our Melbourne trip. While it was cold and blustery on the ground, up in the air was divine!

The view from our window on Rex Airlines

All of Annalise’s appointments went well, her eyes are perfect and her Rheumatologist was extremely happy with how she is going with her JRA. The highlight of our first day there was getting to meet Jay from Play School and Home & Away!

Annalise and Jay Laga'aia in the Starlight Room

He came in and did a mini concert…I wish now I had taken my video camera 🙂 But thankfully we were able to take photos and he kindly signed some pictures for us 🙂 Even I got my photo taken with him LOL

My brush with fame 🙂

Since we got back, I have been trying to catch up on housework, sewing and crocheting. I purchased a new pattern from You Can Make This the other day and I must say I am in LOVE it with! Here is Annalise modelling her finished product:

Annalise in her new newsboy cap

Taking time to smell the flowers

And on that note, I must say farewell til next time, I have a 10 year old to get ready for school and then I have to get Annalise and myself ready as Fletch is performing at the Marketplace today for Education Week.

Have a great day everyone!

Kate xo


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  1. OOOooo la la JAYYYY hmmm well…it would be inappropriate to say anything other than my favourite playschool episodes were …Jay days!!! 😉

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