Jump on board as I learn to FLY and become a Fascinating Woman

Good morning everyone! Its a cold and frosty morning here in my corner of the world today, so I have decided to spend the morning catching up on cleaning and trying to keep warm 🙂

Here are the before photos of the main areas I am cleaning this morning. At least once these are done I can have people walk into the house and not have to apologize for the mess 🙂 Gotta love CHAOS hey!

Before: My loungeroom view 1

Before:My loungeroom view 2

Before: My kitchen...note the open cupboard doors that never seem to close

So here is my plan of attack:

  1. Turn off the TV despite protests from the children (especially Fletch)
  2. Pump up the music on the pc (I’m listening to Short Stack)
  3. Set my egg timer for 15 min and start on the loungeroom
  4. When timer goes off, reset for 15 min and head into the kitchen
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until these areas are done, stopping for a 15 minute break once an hour is up. Coffee and recharge batteries (mine of course)
  6. Sit back and relax knowing that I have completed the 2 “main” rooms before starting on another area of the house
So here I go, blasting off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Break time
Its been 45 minutes and I have been working consistantly, so its time for a coffee break. One room down, one to finish 🙂 Here are the photos of the now tidy and vacuumed loungeroom:

After: My Loungeroom View One.

After: My loungeroom View 2


Off to finish the kitchen now, will post the photos of that tomorrow. Til then, have a great day and take care.

Kate xo


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