Jump on board as I learn to FLY and become a Fascinating Woman

My TADA for yesterday was that I finally conquered Mt Washmore (aka the huge pile of washing piling up in my laundry/bedroom/bathroom) and I got it all dry and put away!

I know it may not seem that much of an accomplishment, but it now means that I have clean clothes for the kids and there will be no more “Mum! Where are my socks/undies/pants etc” or “I can’t find anything to wear! (insert whinge and whine).  Another bonus was that I also got my son’s school uniforms ironed and put away 🙂

It was a beautiful day today in Wagga Wagga. And after all my hard work I decided to take the kids to the park after school.

Annalise having fun on the swings

Fletcher and Annalise

Isn’t it nice to see the kids getting along?

I have a busy day ahead of me today, doing zone cleaning (this week is the bathroom and other room) and you can find out more about the FLYLady zones on her website http://www.flylady.net . Dinner tonight will be pork steaks and veggies. I am also hoping to get some more sewing done as I have a couple of orders to finish so I can post them off tomorrow when I do my postal run (I have a small hobby business making childrens clothing).

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I’m off to start the cleaning and get the boy off to school


Kate xo


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