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Another Gorgeous Day!

It was another gorgeous day in Wagga Wagga today, the sun was shining, the birds singing and it wasn’t too cold or too hot (isn’t it supposed to be winter?). Got most of my cleaning done and completed almost everything in my control journal that need to be done today and also had a breast ultrasound due to lumps discovered a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully they were nothing to worry about and I didn’t have to have the biopsy that the doctor was predicting!

I am “attending” a 30 days of gratitude event on Facebook this month, so I though that I would start incorporating that into my posts this month. Feel free to join in if you wish. I don’t have any followers yet, but am hoping to get some soon LOL.

So here are the things that I would like to show my gratitude for today:
My family-they have supported me through thick and thin and been there for me one way or another when I have needed them.
My kids-I know this falls under the “family” category but I still think they deserve their own little category. I can’t imagine my life without them.
My friends-another part of my support system, each wonderful in his or her own special way.

So there is the start of my gratitude list 🙂

I’m looking forward to a busy day of catch-up and errands tomorrow. I have some sewing that needs to be done and posted off as well as some new items to make and put up on my fan page.

I hope everyone has a lovely night, go the blues (lol had to add that one) and sweet dreams.
Kate xo


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