Jump on board as I learn to FLY and become a Fascinating Woman

Hey everyone,
Today I thought I would start a new blog, to record my journey through both Flylady (www.flylady.net) and the book Fascinating Womanhood. I am not sure how often I will update this blog or whether it will be of any interest to you, but I guess I will never find out if I don’t try!

To begin with I guess I had better introduce myself. My name is Kate and I am your host for the time being. I am 28, a single mother of 2 children and 2 furry children, who has recently discovered the FlyLady system, and who is hoping to start a journey through Helen Andelin’s Fascinating Womanhood.

I purchased FW 3 years ago now, when I was in a relationship. While this is no longer part of my life (the relationship, not the book) I would like to be able to grow into someone who is a fascinating woman and a domestic goddess. Thats where the FLYing comes in.

So I invite you now to join me in this journey of self discovery and learning, as I strive to become the woman I know I can be-organised, efficient, happy and a great mum.


Comments on: "Have you got your wings ready? Its time to FLY the Fascinating Way!" (2)

  1. Hi Kate! I’m Maaike, the one from Life with FlyLady. Good luck with FLYing and blogging about it! I am looking forward to read your future posts 🙂

    By the way, I am working on a list of blogs about FlyLady. I’d love to have your blog on there too! In case you’re interested, you can find the list here:

    Add your blog by clicking here!

    Simply hit the ‘Add your link’ button at the end of the post and follow the instructions.

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